What We Believe

Central Life is a church passionate about God, life and people.

We know what it is like to encounter God and experience the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We have experienced change for the better. Our aim is to connect people with God and each other and then use those connections to do good for the community that surrounds us.

We know church works when people find genuine relationship one to another and we work hard at making that happen. We know that church works when people find an opportunity to express their gifting and serve others and so we work hard at helping people find their place.

What can I expect when I come?

Church is to be enjoyed not endured. Our times together reflect that philosophy. Our worship is led by musicians passionate about God, singing the latest worship songs backed by guitar, drums and keyboard. The music is vibrant but not so loud that you’ll need ear plugs! Everyone is encouraged to get involved and worship God with all their heart, mind and soul.

The message you will hear

We share the great truths of the Bible. We share the principles Jesus taught his disciples about life and living. But it is a Gospel message unpacked to show just how we can really live out these principles. We learn to do life better using these principles and how to apply them to our families, and in our workplaces and community. Messages are simple, drawn from the Bible and kept short- 30 minutes.

The risk

You run the risk of meeting new friends encountering God and finding that your world just got a little bigger!

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