To impact the world around us, through the Good News of Jesus


“To Love, Impact & Restore Lives”


We are a family not a business 

We are not a performance driven people, we love as Christ Loves. The basis of everything we do is through relationship with God & each other.

Friendship comes before function

We value relationship over function. We are more concerned about being in relationship with a person than what function they can provide to the church.

Together we can achieve more

We are a team-based Community Church.  Central Life Church is led by an Apostolic Leadership Team of eldership couples, who have led other Churches and Ministries in their own right.

We apply God’s grace and freedom

We base everything we do on God’s grace and freedom.

We respond to God with flexibility

We believe being flexible to what God is doing at any given moment is the key to personal growth.

Leadership Team 

  • Keith and Dianne Alchin & Anthony and Belinda Welch
  • Steve and Chris Green (Translocal Pastors)


Relating to the Full Gospel Churches of Australia